Monday, June 1, 2009

Bennington, Kansas pt. 2

As I rode today, I realized that I did not do the Bennington Bible Church community enough justice in my last post. Here's some more:

Without reservation Carolyn loved me and Tom. There were no questions asked and we were accepted in their church. Her support for my mission reaffirmed in me the importance of this journey, even if I did not really have a clue what I was doing. She is definitely one of the sweetest women I have ever met.

What set Bennington Bible Church apart? Why did it feel different? I think it was the immediate acceptance of me, a stranger, and the care that everyone I met had about my life. It was outstanding. Not only did they love me, but they loved the Lord and I could see that in their commitment to reading scripture, praying, and worship. Their community (the contingent I saw anyways) was a beautiful sight to behold in their pursuit of growing relationships with God.

A comment that was made after Carolyn, Pat, Tom, and I had pizza for dinner was that "this is what being Christian is all about." About fellowshiping, loving one another, and loving God. It was an awesome time.

On our last morning there, Becca and Pat made us breakfast. They woke up early (I wanna say food was being cooked by 6:30 am) and served us. I wanted to get a picture with Pat in it too, but she politely declined on account of not being ready. I had a sudden urge (maybe a moment later) to tell both Pat and Becca that they might not have been "presentable" for a photo op, but they were certainly beautiful in God's eyes exactly as they were that moment (and they were beautiful to me too :) ).

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