Monday, May 11, 2009

Glorify God

School posed a distraction from God. I did not know how to be with Him while I was so entrenched in my work. I started to learn how to be in His presence even while I was not reading the Bible or praying. For me, that lay in doing everything for His glory. I want to give to Him every breath, every step, and every thought. I have much to learn and never will be perfect, but He deserves all I can give because He gave me all I have. There is no greater love than than to willingly give your life for another.

Now that school is over (until August), perhaps it will be easier to do everything for Him. In fact, the purpose of my trip is solely to be with Him. It may have been difficult to do schoolwork for God's glory because I did not start my classes with the intent of glorifying and honoring Him. That said, I pray my motivation for every action is to glorify Him and my journey with Him will continue unabated even when I am faced with challenges. God melted my heart in January and started to form it to His will. May I pursue God with all my heart, my soul, and my mind this summer and be molded by His wisdom, peace, and love all life long.

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