Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Mission Statement

Tom Begley and I are bicycling from Denver to the East Coast and back. Below is our mission statement and a brief explanation of the statement.

Mission Statement:
1) to intensively pursue God through prayer, delving into scripture, and living, breathing, and pedaling all for Him,

2) to experience and share God's love by serving, learning, and fellowshipping from community-to-community as we bicycle from Denver to the East Coast and back,

3) to share our experiences of how God entered into and is impacting our lives.


1) Intensively seeking God in prayer:
-Being aware of God’s presence and how He works each day. That He gave us life and made the beauty surrounding us. By having a spirit of gratefulness, embracing His comfort during our challenges and relying on God to provide for our needs. That this mission is an act of faith. By petitioning Him to be present and moving in the lives of family, friends, and the communities we visit

Delving into scripture:
-To read passages from the Bible each day in community, exploring the depths of God’s wisdom, seeking His truth, and challenging one another to reflect what we learn in our lives.

Living, breathing, and pedaling all for Him:
-Purposefully acknowledging that all we do is for His glory. Trying to go forth with an awareness of our mission. That we do not seek glory or praise for this mission because everything is for Him and because of Him.

We are leaving our routine lives (the comfort of our homes, the daily grind of school and work, well-established lifestyles) and putting ourselves in a position to rely on God.

2) Serving, learning, and fellowshipping from community-to-community

-We do not want to be a burden on the communities we stay in, but want to return the love we receive by assisting our host in any way we can

-Ask our hosts about their lives, including what God has done and is doing for them and their community

-Being with our hosts and community at meals and inviting them to join us in prayer and studying God’s word

3) to share our experience of how God entered into and is impacting our lives
-To tell our stories and testimonies to our host and their community. We will share with those who want to hear, which may include the youth group or church congregation

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