Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Plainville, Kansas

We arrived in Plainville around 8pm. I was afraid the whole drive that something would happen to one of my bags, but everything arrived safe and sound. Nancy (Julie's sister-in-law) dropped us right off at the Church of the Nazarene and Daryl and his wife met us outside. Daryl took us inside his gym and we left our bags and bikes inside before going to his truck to grab dinner. We went through Plainville (a very quaint town) and stopped at a little food shop to get some sandwiches. I got to talk with Daryl a little about his story and about his church.

Daryl and his wife (Shona) have three girls, two of which are twins. He happened to go to school at Colorado Christian University. They had been in Plainville for five years and the gymnasium in which we stayed was fairly new (and built by the hands of members of their congregation). Daryl said he likes the small town atmosphere and that he thinks it is a great place for his family. It was really neat to have a connection to Daryl via the Westminster Church of the Nazarene (where I attend bilingual church on Sundays). He knows of the pastor there (Stan, who is now moving to larger responsibilities in the Pacific region) and the youth pastor.

Tom told me before bed that he thinks Buffalo, New York would be a good stopping place for him. I'm not upset. My plans were never set in stone except to go on this trip. However, I would like to go to Michigan to see my family. I know I have a lot of support there and I'd love to show them what I've done.

We didn't have much time with Daryl because it was getting late. Nonetheless, he is clearly a family man who greatly loves his congregation. I am grateful for his acceptance of Tom and me, providing a place to stay. He took us out for breakfast the following morning (at the same little food shop/gas station) and Tom and I left around 8am or so for Sylvan Grove.

We drove to Plainville, Kansas on Sunday, May 24, 2009.

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